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Inkmonk is India's first Print Marketplace. Our goal is to streamline the merchandise printing process for businesses and ensure that no one has a bad printing experience ever.

We offer a full stack merchandising platform, where our customers can obtain all printing and customization related services under one roof. Our marketplace currently has multiple curated vendors across India. Our extensive vendor network helps us provide the best in class quality, fast deliveries and the most affordable rates in the market. Our streamlined order tracking process - from design reviews till delivery - is tailor made for businesses.

In short, Inkmonk is 'Printing Done Right'

Meet the team

Avinash Vijay Customer Relationship Executive

Supposedly an IT grad, frequently a management lad.

Shouts out the song he is hearing on headphones, scaring small kids. Speaks Thiruchi Tamil and British English

The Samarthu Paiyan

Murugan Head of Operations

Obeys Heisenberg uncertainty principle - you can either find his position or velocity, but never both.

Knows India map better than Modiji himself.

Quick Gun Murugan

Shiva Nandan UI/UX Developer

Eats and sleeps with Javascript, sorry ES6.

Has breakfast in Chennai and dinner in Mumbai on weekends.

That guy who goes to Himalayas to find love.. errr.. peace

Surya Head of Product Development, Co-Founder

Was an occassional trekker in one past life and a fake Buddhist monk in another

Wants to write a neo-noir script for Super Star one day. But is content with writing python scripts for Github Stars today.

Will be Tarantino one day.. Oru naal..

Vivek Vendor Relationship Executive

The guy who knows the price for everything

Claims he can eat more than Rajkiran, gives up after a couple of bites

That guy who goes to every bike showroom every single day

Avinash Head of Sales

If you ask him to sell Chennai Central Station, he will come back with 4 deals

When he is not shaking hands for deals, you can find him shaking cocktails

The best salesman since Bill Clinton

Isaac CEO, Co-Founder

The go-getter. Routinely found as the hustler trying to sell his dreams.

Dabbles in anything sensibly related to products, design and movies.

That Celebrity you will soon see on TV

Gopi Raja UI/UX Designer

Mojo Jojo of Photoshop

Has quite the meat tooth. Partakes in the art of burning rubber on asphalt. Patron of high voltage-heavy beat numbers.

The guy with the Bullet

Murali Finance

The one who makes sure we dont go crazy with our cash

The Silent Protector. The Watchful Guardian

Senthil Product Evangelist, Head of Vendor Relations

Retired farmer. Farming only in Farmville now. Wanted to be PC Sriram. But lost his DSLR and is taking mug shots of mugs now

Fights with vendors by the day and politicians by night.

Batman in waiting

Viji Operations Executive

Goes to deliver packages in places where even the post man fears to tread in.

Looks like 80s Vijayakanth. Speaks agmark Chennai Tamil.

The Chennai Express.

Our Core Value

Wise, but loyal. Powerful, but humble. Trustworthy, but not stodgy. Straightforward, but not arrogant.

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