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Packaging materials used by Inkmonk

Off late we have been talking much about product packaging and its importance. We’re sure all of you’ll would love to know about the packaging materials that Inkmonk uses. Our team has worked on the packaging, keeping in mind a lot of factors like durability, affordability, wastage, aesthetics and branding. Based on the product and its features, we have chosen the right fit for our product’s packaging.  

Here’s how our products are being packed. How we use different packaging materials for our products.

Corrugated mailer boxes

Our corrugated mailer boxes are of the sizes 12 x 8.65 x 2.75 and 9.25 x 5.3 x 2.75 in white and brown shades. Made of carton they are a durable and sturdy option to pack our products. Therefore this has been our “go to packing option” for almost all our products. We pack our bulk visiting cards, letterheads, flyers, posters and even T-shirts in this.  We have also utilized all sides of the box to talk to the customer by customising it with our branding.

Corrugated shipping boxes

Our corrugated shipping boxes are of two sizes, 12 X 9 X 6 and 18 X 12 X 8. Based on the products and quantity we use either one of them. We use these corrugated shipping boxes for our bulk orders.


Poly courier bags

Based on our product and its features, we majorly use poly bags of the size 12 X 14. Since they are waterproof and lightweight, we use them to pack products that do not weigh heavy. Products like button badges, T-shirts (fewer number) and hoodies are packaged using poly bags.

Triangle Carton Boxes

Triangle carton boxes are one of a kind, we had trouble packing posters in poly bags and mailer boxes. So, our design team came up with the durable 14 x 6 x 6 size triangular carton boxes made of corrugated cardboard. These are the best boxes for packing posters, with at most ease. They can carry the posters in shape without crumbling or damaging them.

Packing tapes


Inkmonk Packaging tapes are of three different sizes, small, mid and large size one. Smaller tape is of 1 inch and is used to to pack mailer boxes and other smaller packaging. Whereas the mid variant is of 2 inches and the  bigger tape is 3 inches and is predominantly used to pack the shipping boxes and all things large. We use these tapes in two different colours, white and brown with Inkmonk’s name inscribed on it.

Folding cartons


Made of paperboard, we use folding cartons to pack products that weigh lighter. At Inkmonk business cards, are packed using folded cratons. Our typical business card box is of the size 9 x 4.4 x 5.6. We have designed our business cards box  that it is easier for the customers to pick the cards from the box. Unlike the usual boxes, we arranging the cards one behind the other, rather than piling them up.


Kraft wrapping paper

Made of brown kraft paper, wrapping paper has been an amazing tool to help us keep product bundles organised. We have used it to bundle up and store notebooks, diaries and other stationary. And also have customised the wrapping paper with our brand name and logo throughout to make it interesting.

Kraft Paper Envelope

Our stationery sample kits are packed in these expandable kraft paper envelopes of the size  6 x 10. Also we have customised them with our brand messaging and logo to make it look aesthetically good.

After all packaging should be easy and simple for the customer to use. Inkmonk strongly considers packaging to be a powerful element to add more value to our product and service. So we have been constantly working on our packaging, to make the entire experience better.

Things to keep in mind before you get started with flyer advertising

Many of us try out flyer advertising for once or twice and quit easily thinking it was not of much help to the business. Every advertising campaign both offline & online (link to What are the issues you will face while printing online) must have a strategy, plan, process and a goal to make it successful, if not for all this even the biggest brand campaign will be a failure. Here are the most important things to keep in mind before launching a flyer campaign:

Whom are you targeting? 

Before getting started with your flyers, it is always important to clearly know know whom do you want to talk to, (i.e.) the right set of audience for your flyer advertising campaign

Get your messaging right

The marketing messaging in the flyer should clearly communicate what your brand and product stands for. Make sure you make use of the right language and tone, your customers can relate to easily.

Add more pictures

Including attractive pictures or images(good quality) can help you  gain more attention from the reader. Ensure you make use of appropriate images that represents your product and business clearly.  

Keep it short

Giving too much information in one go, will confuse the customer. Try and keep your communication short and simple, so that it helps customer take an action easily.

Tell the readers what to do next

Setting your goals is the most important part of the campaign. Tell your customers what to do after reading your flyer, is a must (i.e) Ask them to walk into your store, call your team, download the app etc.

Having a proper strategy and action plan will help you execute the campaign on time and talk to the right audience at the right time. Rest assured by keeping the above pointers in mind before getting started, your campaign will surely be a super hit.

Tip: Ensure resources are planned well in advance to handle sales that come from the flyer campaign so that you do not miss out on any lead.

Why online printing will help your business?

In this digital era, online printing websites are the most convenient option when it comes to making things work at ease. Online printing lets you order anything and everything related to printing under on roof. It is all the more accessible, affordable to all type of businesses. Here’s why online printing will surely help your business.

Have a hassle free experience

Unlike local or traditional print stores you can design and order print products online.  Instead of travelling down to the store, you can do this from comfort of your home or office.

No more bargaining

You need not worry about bargaining or being overcharged for products at the online printing sites. We have a fixed pricing list that we follow for every product. We also share a detailed list of cost incurred (i.e.) shipping charges, express delivery, gift wrapping, taxes etc.

Get professional support

You no longer need to wait in longer queues at your print stores to get clarity on the design or product. Everything here can  be sorted over a call email or a message. Online sites have set processes and customer focused support teams in place. They can handle customer queries and other issues with at most professionalism.

Choose from a wider product range 

From business cards to T-shirts online print sites have them all in one roof. Whereas the local print stores will serve a very few set of products. At the online sites, you have the luxury to customize any thing and everything at the same time from where ever you are. 

Based on your business need and expectations, you can opt for online or offline printing options. Ordering online comes with its own strings attached. So you need to be smart and flexible in adapting to the digital version of print stores that comes with lots of advantages

What are the issues you will face while printing online?

Online printing services has a number of advantages over traditional or local printing stores. Designing tool, professional customer service, fixed pricing, template browsing, cheaper than local printers and easy return are few examples. However there a few issues customers might face, that makes them go back to their local printing store.

Here are the disadvantages of online printing, which will help you understand if online sites will suit your business & need:

You will have a lot of doubts

When you print from your local store, or any brick and mortar store, you can touch and feel the the paper type, finishing etc. Whereas in an online site you may not have clear ideas on the above mentioned features when you order for the first time.

Limited options to choose from

Online website source materials based on the demand, so you might feel they have limited number of options in product size, paper type, finishing being offered by an online printing website.

You’ll have to pick from limited designs options

The user designs the product on his own on online websites. So they tend have limited design options to make the designing process a lot easier for you.

You will have to wait for the product a little longer

The design & production process goes through several rounds of approval. So the online printing sites have nearly 4-8 days of delivery time. If you have shorter deadlines for production then online printing may not be the right option .

You may not have personal assistance

Though some websites offer customer support & assistance, it might not be as helpful as an in-person discussion with store representative. If you have some complex design product or huge volumes, traditional printing store will be the best suited for your need.

Most of the websites that delivers online printing services are working to overcome the above mentioned issues and enhance the customer experience. We have info-graphics added to every product specification to help you gain clarity. We also provide free design assistance for all the products purchased from our site. Some websites have ”same day delivery” in their own cities, which cuts down the waiting time. Few of us have also introduced a concept of “Quotations” for higher order values. We provide end-to-end support service fro such bulk orders. All the online printing websites are constantly working hard to overcome any issue being faced by the customers. 


Little things “do” matter a lot

Little things do matter a lot!

When you truly care, you get a wider view of helping out your customers, which is what we do day-in & day-out @ Inkmonk. We don’t settle that easy. Over the years, we have worked constantly with a laser-sharp focus on how to make things simpler and efficient for our customers.

A few weeks back, we wrote a quick article on how we shifted to a complete eco-friendly way of delivering business cardsNow comes the version 2! – Now, you have an eco-friendly visiting card holder with a quick and simple tweak.

Let us give a quick problem statement. When we sent out the visiting cards through this pack, the pack looked much like the card on the left side in the below image.  


When we ordered a pack for ourselves as a trial run, we felt taking out the card caused a little hassle, very little.


As the saying goes that curves are the ones that can make anything straight, here comes the version 2.0! Customers had commended that picking a visiting card is much easier with this and they are able to carry it with them like a visiting card holder.



We are refining it 1 more step. Look out for version 3.