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6 Trending Gift ideas for the holiday season

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Aah, the holiday season is upon us with Christmas and the new year just around the corner. Have you ever wondered why presenting a gift to someone is so popular during this season? It’s simply because we all want to end the year and start the next one with hearts filled with warmth. 

But, how can you truly make the receiver feel special with your gift? With common gifting items being mass-produced nowadays, it’s hard for you to pick a one of a kind product for your loved one. Gifting them with mass-produced items is so last decade. 

That being said, we’ve curated a list of 6 gift items which you can customize


Gift Coffee Mugs

Coffee mug gift

You can never go wrong with a classic ceramic mug. No, don’t think about mugs which say “World’s best dad”, “No.1 Boss”, or other old fashioned designs. Rather, turn on your creative side and imagine a plain white mug being your canvas, where you can design anything you want. 

For example, if you are a doodler, why don’t you gift someone a mug customized with a doole version of him/her.

It’s as simple as creating a digital image and uploading it. The best website to customize your mugs and many other goodies is, where you can add 3 images all over your mug.

Gift Coasters

Coaster gift

An underrated gifting item, but it can turn out to be the prettiest item in a house if you play the design card just right. Coffee or beer coasters are common essentials to have in a home or an office. With an option to make a design using any vibrant colour, they can be perfect holiday gifts with a wow factor.


Diaries and Notebooks

Diary gift

Yes, we know that a majority of our kind has turned digital and seldom holds a pen nowadays. But, there’s still a fair share of people who love sketching and writing journals. For them, a good quality diary or a notebook is precious. Customizing their covers is a whole lot of fun. They’re literally like little white canvases where you can add your awesome design.


Posters and Photo Frames

Posters gift

A product which probably is the most old fashioned in this list. You can design a poster with anything and it will always look astonishing. Gift an Ironman poster to a Marvel fan, gift a framed family portrait to your parents, gift a poster filled with puppies to a dog lover, the possibilities are endless. With a high quality customized poster only costing Rs. 100, you can gift multiple posters with different designs.


Bottles and Sippers

Bottles gift

You may think it’s odd that bottles made to the list. Think again. With technological marvels in the printing industry, it’s easy and inexpensive to customize a high-quality aluminium bottle. It would make a perfect corporate gift! Aluminium bottles are even cold to the touch. You can add one or two images to cover your entire bottle. The finished gift bottle would look amazing!


Gift Apparel

Hoodies gift

Finally, you can never go wrong with a good quality apparel gift. What better gift to give in the winters than a warm hoodie? Customize hoodies however you want. Keep in mind that you’ll have a larger area to play with on a hoodie without a zip. Yup, you can choose to customize different types of hoodies as well. Stay warm and keep your close ones warm as well folks!

Wanna rock your own T-shirt? Gift your friend with a customized T-Shirt as well. “A classic gift with a unique twist”- we’d like to say. Gift him/her with a matching set of custom T-Shirt and Hoodie.

Where can you get these customized gifts?

Inkmonk. They are the best custom online printers in the country. They provide premium products, with astonishing print quality, and at aggressive prices. And designing your product is really easy. You simply have to choose your product, upload an image or design your own using their easy design interface and hit ‘Save Design’.

You won’t get better custom products anywhere else. Their professional designers give you free design assistance as well so that possible errors could be rectified. So cool, right?


Whatever the gift you choose for your colleague, friend or loved one, be creative and give something which is one of a kind. A gift is perfect if it makes the receiver gleam upon seeing it for the first time, and would still remember the gift after a long time.