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6 ways to make your product packaging to promote conversions

It’s surprising but true that most of the new products fail for a very simple reason and that is “Product Packaging”. Most first time customers neither have the time or the understanding to weigh the different advantages and disadvantages that a product brings and if you are not communicating well with your product packaging, the result is always a disappointment. Product packaging is as important as the product itself and is a powerful tool that makes your product stands out in the crowd. If you have been to a department store searching for chocolates, the first ones you will look into would be the ones with the brightest and interesting packaging. Product packaging, if taken seriously, can make a lot of difference in your reach and conversions. That’s the reason why companies like Apple spend so much in making the unboxing of the iPhone so interesting. Poor packaging, on the other hand will automatically make potential customers ignore the product, howsoever good it may be. Product Packaging Design has the huge role in branding and marketing because customers who buy your products and likes the design than there are chances that they might share on social media or spread word of mouth. According to MarketingProfs article, 74% young adults who fall in 18-25 years age group are more likely to share a product packaging photo on social media after ordering it online.

If you are introducing a new product to the market or want to make your existing one more visible, here are some rules you need to follow for your packaging design:

Reflecting the story of your brand

 As customers, we have a lot of expectations from a product. The challenge for marketers here is to communicate all advantages while not under-delivering or over-promising. The packaging proves to be a perfect platform for this. The message should be clear and this requires the packaging design to integrate bold and clear fonts, smooth color combinations, appropriate images and easy usage. If you are looking to be highly creative and surprise the end user, it is also suggested to not make big experiments with the design. A good example for this is put forward by Jaimin Food Products. Nice but appealing, the package suits several grades of requirements as it clearly depicts what’s inside the product with clean images and description.

Keeping it clear and simple

The best kind of packaging is one that clearly communicates the qualities of the product and its advantages. Here creativity of Packaging Design also wins the race and CS light Bulbs packaging design is a prime example of it. CS light bulbs have an extremely amazing design in a creative way where the customer will be impressed when they first time sees the product. CS Light Bulbs package has drawings of bees along with transparent part where you can also see the part of the product. When you see both product and package together it showcases very funny image.




Good quality packaging is a considerable amount of investment and for the manufacturer; it increases the selling price of the product too. Consequently, you need to be creative enough to be able to communicate the message well while keeping it low cost. Check out the Goode Company Food Packaging design made from rough cardboard and creating the right parcel to sell meat and sweet products. Everything from the logo to the package shape of these turkey boxes inspires authenticity and consequently have made the brand popular. One more example of quality packaging design is Bzzz Premium Honey packaging which provides honey in hexagon shaped cupboard packages. A honey bottle is wrapped beautifully in a wooden material which defines the quality of the product.

Image Courtesy – Designplusmagazine

Consistency and Functionality

 If you have several product lines, some part of the product packaging needs to be consistent. This allows the consumer to relate to your brand and attach the same respect for each of its products. Smirnoff has been able to come up with an amazingly creative yet consistent product package for its Caipiroska Peelable bottles. Depending on the flavors it is available in, the color of the package differs but the usage allows for the same uniqueness.



Now, this is something that will help identify your brand over competitors, especially if you are sending your products to the shelf. For new businesses, it might sound easy to copy competitor’s packaging design, but at the end of it, the package will only be termed to be a ‘copy’ of it. Modern consumers know what they are paying for and do enough research to know the alternatives. Copying will always fail. Try to be original and creative and you will inspire curiosity. Don’t even dare to copy packaging design from another product because you might get into trouble if the product packaging design has the copyright. Big brands often know their competitor’s activities and if they copy any idea than they don’t hesitate to sue them. In 2014 The Saucy Fish Company claimed that local supermarket’s products are copying their packaging design and won the injunction.

Sometimes designers directly use images from Google which might be copyrighted image which later troubles businesses in legal terms. Now, most of the brands hire photographers to click real images for their product packaging design. If small & medium businesses don’t want to spend money on original images for packaging design than they use royalty free images from online which can be used for free.

Analyze your design

The most important part of product packaging is analyzing the design of it. You will need to understand who the product is targeted towards. If it is for a lower age group, you will automatically need to create something that looks bright and colorful. Similarly, if your target buyers are serious adults, you will have to add a degree of sophistication and class to the design. Successful product packaging designers go through long brainstorming before finalizing the best designs. You might even want to take customer feedback on their views on the packaging. For companies like Apple, consumers don’t just anticipate the technical specs of the mobile phones but the packaging generates a similar degree of buzz as well.

Packaging is not just an extension of your branding strategy but an important part of it. A well-packaged product should look like a gift that communicates that the customer has paid for the best. Further, it’s just not to catch the attention but also to make the brand recognizable and inspire repeat purchases.


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Satish Vegad is Co-Founder of Rajkot based branding & packaging design agency – Aayam. Satish has more than 15 years of experience in the industry and worked with many leading brands.