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Packaging materials used by Inkmonk

Off late we have been talking much about product packaging and its importance. We’re sure all of you’ll love to know about the packaging materials that Inkmonk uses. Our team has worked on the packaging, keeping in mind a lot of factors like durability, affordability, wastage, aesthetics, and branding. Based on the product and its features, we have chosen the right fit for our product’s packaging.  

Here’s how our products are being packed. How we use different packaging materials for our products.

Corrugated mailer boxes

Our corrugated mailer boxes are of the sizes 12 x 8.65 x 2.75 and 9.25 x 5.3 x 2.75 in white and brown shades. Made of carton they are a durable and sturdy option to pack our products. Therefore this has been our “go-to packing option” for almost all our products. We pack our bulk visiting cards, letterheads, flyers, posters and even T-shirts in this.  We have also utilized all sides of the box to talk to the customer by customizing it with our branding.

Corrugated shipping boxes

Our corrugated shipping boxes are of two sizes, 12 X 9 X 6 and 18 X 12 X 8. Based on the products and quantity we use either one of them. We use these corrugated shipping boxes for our bulk orders.

Poly courier bags

Based on our product and its features, we majorly use poly bags of the size 12 X 14. Since they are waterproof and lightweight, we use them to pack products that do not weigh heavy. Products like button badges, T-shirts (fewer number) and hoodies are packaged using poly bags.

Triangle Carton Boxes

Triangle carton boxes are one of a kind, we had trouble packing posters in poly bags and mailer boxes. So, our design team came up with the durable 14 x 6 x 6 size triangular carton boxes made of corrugated cardboard. These are the best boxes for packing posters, with at most ease. They can carry the posters in shape without crumbling or damaging them.

Packing tapes

Inkmonk Packaging tapes are of three different sizes, small, mid and large size one. The smaller tape is of 1 inch and is used to pack mailer boxes and other smaller packaging. Whereas the mid variant is of 2 inches and the bigger tape is 3 inches and is predominantly used to pack the shipping boxes and all things large. We use these tapes in two different colors, white and brown with Inkmonk’s name inscribed on it.

Folding cartons


Made of paperboard, we use folding cartons to packing products that weigh lighter. At Inkmonk business cards, are packed using folded cratons. Our typical business card box is of the size 9 x 4.4 x 5.6. We have designed our business cards box that it is easier for the customers to pick the cards from the box. Unlike the usual boxes, we arranging the cards one behind the other, rather than piling them up.

Kraft wrapping paper

Made of brown kraft paper, wrapping paper has been an amazing tool to help us keep product bundles organized. We have used it to bundle up and store notebooks, diaries, and other stationery. And also have customized the wrapping paper with our brand name and logo throughout to make it interesting.

Kraft Paper Envelope

Our stationery sample kits are packed in these expandable kraft paper envelopes of the size  6 x 10. Also, we have customized them with our brand messaging and logo to make it look aesthetically good.

After all, packaging should be easy and simple for the customer to use. Inkmonk strongly considers packaging to be a powerful element to add more value to our product and service. So we have been constantly working on our packaging, to make the entire experience better.