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Simple ways to measure the ROI of your flyer distribution campaign

In the age of Google Analytics and online marketing, measurement is the lingo that is being often heard of. Online and offline marketers fight over the ability & granularity to measure a campaign’s success online. What if we say that you can measure the success of your flyer distribution campaign.

Some Quick Sanity before your measure

Measuring is one aspect and how you store the measured data for further action is another important aspect to be noted. Always keep your data in one single place. To get started, you can create a simple Google sheet and share it with your colleagues in your office to record and share the data. This helps you to measure the overall campaign success.

1. Unique discount coupon

Create a special discount coupon for your flyer campaign and print it on your flyers. Record the coupon redemption on a daily basis to measure the success of the campaign.  It is always suggested to create unique coupon codes for every promotion. This will also help to segregate & identify the reach of that specific campaign.  Eg: ‘NEWYEAR’ or ‘FLAT500’.

In case you don’t have an online presence, you can still maintain an excel sheet to note down the date, every time the coupon is redeemed. Maintaining a simple list that includes the Coupon name, date & the value of the coupon redeemed should help.

Date of Call Coupon Code Redeemed Through
01/01/2018 NEWYEAR Shop (Offline)
03/01/2018 FLAT100 Shop (Online)

If your e-commerce store runs on Shopify, you could check out to get clear and detailed instructions on how to create the coupons on the site.


2. Dedicated call lines

Record the response received through calls and use the same Excel file to keep a note of the calls received with date & the coupon code. Example below.

Date of Call Coupon Code Redeemed Through
01/01/2018 FLAT100 Call

In case you intend to have a separate contact number for this promotion:

  • you can create a dedicated contact number for the campaign and use them to measure the number of calls received through that number.



3. Separate Landing pages

You can create a dedicated landing page on your website. For example,

Print the URL of the landing page in the flyer. Measure the number of hits for that specific page.

Alternately, if you wish to create a dedicated landing page yourself without your programmer’s help, you check out to get started.

You can easily create the landing pages through third-party tools like unbounce. Through this tools, you will be able to collect customer details easily an access them at any point in time. You can also download them in an excel format an add it to the centralized excel file to manage all the data.


4. Google Forms

If you do not have a website or do not have a programmer to create separate landing pages, you could proceed to create a simple google form – and capture the customer details to redeem the voucher.

Click on add new form and then create the necessary fields to capture the customer details. Check out the youtube URL on a step-by-step tutorial to create google forms.

5. Short URLs with UTM parameters

If you do not intend to use a separate landing page and still wish to measure, you need to suffix the URL with the UTM parameters with respect to this flyer campaign. UTM parameters are helpful in segregating the traffic sources effectively. You can shorten the URL with many URL shortener platforms like, Google shortener. You could also print a QR code of the URL with UTM parameters for users to scan it and land on your landing page.  

How To set up short URLs:

Visit and key in your URL with UTM parameters. will give you detailed data on the number of visits that particular URL had.


6. QR codes

To generate QR code, you can use websites like and choose the option “URL” on top and enter your URL with UTM parameters.  Generate the QR code and print them on your flyer. Users will be able to view your website by scanning the QR code.


From the data received and measured from various platforms, you can measure the number of a successful number of converts.

Formula to calculate the efficiency

The total number of converts = Number of customers who end up as a potential customer.


ROI of the flyer = Total number of converts * ( Gross Profit / Customer)   * 100

                                The total cost of printing & distributing the flyers.


You can download the Excel file below and key in your values to get the correct ROI.

ROI Calculator


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