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Little things “do” matter a lot

Little things do matter a lot!

When you truly care, you get a wider view of helping out your customers, which is what we do day-in & day-out @ Inkmonk. We don’t settle that easy. Over the years, we have worked constantly with a laser-sharp focus on how to make things simpler and efficient for our customers.

A few weeks back, we wrote a quick article on how we shifted to a complete eco-friendly way of delivering business cardsNow comes the version 2! – Now, you have an eco-friendly visiting card holder with a quick and simple tweak.

Let us give a quick problem statement. When we sent out the visiting cards through this pack, the pack looked much like the card on the left side in the below image.  


When we ordered a pack for ourselves as a trial run, we felt taking out the card caused a little hassle, very little.


As the saying goes that curves are the ones that can make anything straight, here comes the version 2.0! Customers had commended that picking a visiting card is much easier with this and they are able to carry it with them like a visiting card holder.



We are refining it 1 more step. Look out for version 3.