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11 Ways you can market business & sell during Diwali


Diwali – The spectacular festival across our country. Each and every street, building, houses, temples across the countries will be decorated with colorful lights, clay lamps to bring happiness. The day when our whole nation will be glowing with millions of fireworks to bring the lightness and remove the evil and darkness. The day when all people united together and share delicious sweets to share the good spirits.

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India and it is the biggest sale time also. When it comes to marketing you must know the advantages of this festival season when people will try to promote their product everywhere. Starting from the roadside it will go up to shopping malls, restaurants, public transports, theater, wall arts and etc…

During Diwali 2018, the sales have increased double! According to the economic times of India during the festival period, i.e… From the month of May till Diwali 30-45% sales have increased in several consumer industries.

How can you promote your products during this festival time? Let me take you to explain a few of the products which you can use to increase your promotion.


Flyers are always standing as an important & cost-effective tool for marketing. Even though we live in the High-tech digital world, Still flyers are the priceless promotional tool and considered an excellent method to communicate with potential customers. Just by spending some time to think about where your audience is spending their time, you can easily connect with your potential customers.

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In this current business world, marketing channels such as social media, newsletters, promotional emails, mobile applications are playing a vital role in product and brand promotion. But still poster advertisements are not yet dead and printed posters are still using all over the globe. Unlike other advertisements printed posters are the best way to promote in a cheap and effective way.


When it comes to promoting your business, stickers and labels are extremely helpful tools to promote your brand and product. Since from childhood everyone likes the stickers, we can even give it as a free giveaway with cool designs and if it reaches the customer’s hand then they will be your marketing vehicle for your product. Make your own custom sticker and make an impact in a simple and cost-effective way.

Standees and Displays

Standees and Displays are everywhere for promotion! Starting from the shopping mall we can see these standees and displays in all the places to get people’s attention. The basics of the promotion are all about how the way you are explaining your product. Standees and Displays is the low cost and low maintenance promoting tool to update your product offers. So, you are the expert and explain what you have and what are all the benefits of your products to your audience.

Booklets and Brochures

Perfect designed marketing booklets and brochures are like a collection of complete information used to inform the customers about the service about the product. In the case of small and emerging businesses, these booklets and brochures are used to gain the attention of potential customers. The key is to make the content both informative and effective to get noticed amongst the competition.

Don’t even leave a single chance when you get the opportunity to promote your brand. Use your own branded custom fulfillment products to get attention from the people about your brand. Few of the products you can use,

Packing Tapes 

This is one of the trendy products which is used to highlight the company name and logo and enables ease of your brand visibility and identification. There are millions of e-commerce package is shipping every day with their own custom and unique packaging tapes to stand out from the other competitors. Get your own branded tapes and get the attention of your customers.

Paper and Cotton Bags

Take advantage of using your own company logo printed bags. It is one of the important and simple ways to promote your brand. To commemorate the increase of plastic trash you can make your custom printed paper bags and cotton bags to attract people with your own branded eco-friendly bags.

Hang Tags

Hang tags are a simple and very useful tool for retail purchases. It is most commonly used to mention the product details and also attract attention to the sale. Compare to any other marketing tool these hang tags can promote your products with some specific message and also your customers can feel it physically.


One of the important marketing tools which makes a significant impact in making your customers buying decisions. It provides complete information about the product. Some trendy and eye-catching label printing on your product will gradually increase the product sales rate.

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