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The season for hoodies is upon us!

Hoodie Banner

I apologize for borrowing an episode title from ‘Game of Thrones’, but WINTER IS HERE. Yeah, the winter has set in. It’s high time we cosy ourselves with comfy hoodies (also known as sweatshirts). Hoodies are our best companions during the cold. Everyone who faces winter has a pair! Man, woman, child, there are hoodies for even toddlers now!

Hoodies are warm thick pieces of apparel, made commonly with a blend of cotton and fleece, with the addition of, you guessed it – a hood. You get long warm sleeves till your palms and the hood warms up your ears. Anyway, these are details which a common person already knows. So, I’m not going to blabber on about how comfy a hoodie is. Instead, I present you with ideas to design an extraordinary hoodie.


A hoodie for yourself!

Before I get into the design part, you’d already be knowing the 2 common types of hoodies out there: A Pullover and a Zip-Up Hoodie. For customization purposes, you’ll have a larger area to play with while designing a pullover, compared to a zip-up hoodie. You wear a pullover hoodie just like a t-shirt. They’re easy to wash and are much more durable than zip-up hoodies.

pullover hoodie

For a pullover hoodie, you can customize an entire A4 sized area on the front. You can even choose to customize an A3 sized area on the back. Why A4 on the front and A3 on the back, you ask? Because there aren’t pockets to deal with at the back. Design anything you want on these areas and they’ll be printed on digitally, Direct To Garment (DTG) Printing to be precise.

Print your favourite cartoon character, superhero, or quote. Or, you can design a sport hoodie with your name and kit number on the back and a logo on the front. Go wild with customization and design a ‘one of a kind’ hoodie.


Hoodies for business

Designing elegant hoodies for your business or public event is an amazing way to increase your brand reputation. Imagine this, your company logo on the front upper right portion, and maybe your employees’ names in an elegant font at the back. I’d always recommend zip-up hoodies for businesses as it looks more elegant. Also, you wouldn’t have the hassle of wrinkling up your office clothes while wearing and removing the hoodies.

zip-up hoodie

Bulk hoodie printing is the best for organizations. The print quality would turn out to be nice and you’ll save a lot of money as well. There are 2 print options for zip-up hoodies: Screen printing and Embroidery printing.

A minimalist look suits best for businesses in my opinion.


Hoodies for College Fests

We’re at that time of the academic year, aren’t we? We’re just past the odd semester exams and we’re gearing up for our college’s/university’s annual fest(s), which will subconsciously be in competition with all other college fests. It’s exhilarating. It’s fun. This is when you work hard to get creative, even if you hadn’t done the same for your exams. It’s about making a mark. To organize a better fest than last year. There’s a lot on your shoulders. An important part of it is to design an awesome logo and graphic which will be iconic and will be printed on all banners, posters, t-shirts and yes, hoodies.

Gather up all your best graphic designers from your fest committee, and design an awesome logo and a graphic which would look best on a black, navy blue or dark grey hoodie. You can even take it up a notch by mentioning the names of the head fest organizers at the back.

The bulk screen printed hoodies are best suited for events like these. If you’re the organizer of the fest, this certainly will be the best way to show it!


Where can you get the best-customized hoodies?

Inkmonk. They are the best custom online printers in the country. They provide premium products, with astonishing print quality, and at aggressive prices. And designing your product is really easy. You simply have to choose your product, upload an image or design your own using their easy design interface and hit ‘Save Design’.

You won’t get better custom products anywhere else. Their professional designers give you free design assistance as well so that possible errors could be rectified. So cool, right?


With the best quality apparel and the offers which they offer, sweatshirts or hoodies from are the best in value for money.

6 Trending Gift ideas for the holiday season

Banner gift ideas

Aah, the holiday season is upon us with Christmas and the new year just around the corner. Have you ever wondered why presenting a gift to someone is so popular during this season? It’s simply because we all want to end the year and start the next one with hearts filled with warmth. 

But, how can you truly make the receiver feel special with your gift? With common gifting items being mass-produced nowadays, it’s hard for you to pick a one of a kind product for your loved one. Gifting them with mass-produced items is so last decade. 

That being said, we’ve curated a list of 6 gift items which you can customize


Gift Coffee Mugs

Coffee mug gift

You can never go wrong with a classic ceramic mug. No, don’t think about mugs which say “World’s best dad”, “No.1 Boss”, or other old fashioned designs. Rather, turn on your creative side and imagine a plain white mug being your canvas, where you can design anything you want. 

For example, if you are a doodler, why don’t you gift someone a mug customized with a doole version of him/her.

It’s as simple as creating a digital image and uploading it. The best website to customize your mugs and many other goodies is, where you can add 3 images all over your mug.

Gift Coasters

Coaster gift

An underrated gifting item, but it can turn out to be the prettiest item in a house if you play the design card just right. Coffee or beer coasters are common essentials to have in a home or an office. With an option to make a design using any vibrant colour, they can be perfect holiday gifts with a wow factor.


Diaries and Notebooks

Diary gift

Yes, we know that a majority of our kind has turned digital and seldom holds a pen nowadays. But, there’s still a fair share of people who love sketching and writing journals. For them, a good quality diary or a notebook is precious. Customizing their covers is a whole lot of fun. They’re literally like little white canvases where you can add your awesome design.


Posters and Photo Frames

Posters gift

A product which probably is the most old fashioned in this list. You can design a poster with anything and it will always look astonishing. Gift an Ironman poster to a Marvel fan, gift a framed family portrait to your parents, gift a poster filled with puppies to a dog lover, the possibilities are endless. With a high quality customized poster only costing Rs. 100, you can gift multiple posters with different designs.


Bottles and Sippers

Bottles gift

You may think it’s odd that bottles made to the list. Think again. With technological marvels in the printing industry, it’s easy and inexpensive to customize a high-quality aluminium bottle. It would make a perfect corporate gift! Aluminium bottles are even cold to the touch. You can add one or two images to cover your entire bottle. The finished gift bottle would look amazing!


Gift Apparel

Hoodies gift

Finally, you can never go wrong with a good quality apparel gift. What better gift to give in the winters than a warm hoodie? Customize hoodies however you want. Keep in mind that you’ll have a larger area to play with on a hoodie without a zip. Yup, you can choose to customize different types of hoodies as well. Stay warm and keep your close ones warm as well folks!

Wanna rock your own T-shirt? Gift your friend with a customized T-Shirt as well. “A classic gift with a unique twist”- we’d like to say. Gift him/her with a matching set of custom T-Shirt and Hoodie.

Where can you get these customized gifts?

Inkmonk. They are the best custom online printers in the country. They provide premium products, with astonishing print quality, and at aggressive prices. And designing your product is really easy. You simply have to choose your product, upload an image or design your own using their easy design interface and hit ‘Save Design’.

You won’t get better custom products anywhere else. Their professional designers give you free design assistance as well so that possible errors could be rectified. So cool, right?


Whatever the gift you choose for your colleague, friend or loved one, be creative and give something which is one of a kind. A gift is perfect if it makes the receiver gleam upon seeing it for the first time, and would still remember the gift after a long time.

Tech business card ideas to help you stand out

9 ways you can impress a client with your business card

You’d be thinking after reading the title, why do we need tech business card ideas anymore going unto 2020? More and more businesses are going online. It started with the use of Email as a mode of virtual communication and became hassle-free with the introduction of social media. How often do interviews and business meetings happen over a Skype call? Or the handing over of product e-catalogs via email to clients? Businesses take place flawlessly when the parties haven’t even met each other face to face.

All of these are true. There’s no doubt about it. But, there are still a whole lot of businesses and marketing activities that happen offline, and the use of a simple business card is still popular.

As long as there are parties, events, and meetings, business cards will never be dead. So this article includes all the essentials of having unique tech business card ideas that could let you overtake your competition.

How can you make an out-of-the-box business card?

Just like every other aspect in all businesses, you need to have an edge over the competition and stand out from the crowd. Think about it. A client of yours could meet up with other companies besides yours. You’d lose the client if any of them seems to make a better impression. 

Take a look at our comprehensive list of attractive and out of the ordinary business cards, which could certainly catch the attention of clients.

Velvet Cards

Velvet cards for tech business card ideas

An attractive texture to stand out from typical business cards. Velvet is always soft to the touch. Some wedding cards also use this material and gain extra attention from the guests. A velvet finish on business cards is sure to gain positive attention from clients as well.

Business Cards made out of Kraft paper

Kraft cards for tech business card ideas

It’s very impressive if you could use eco-friendly kraft paper to manufacture business cards. They have a unique texture as well, and with there being a threat to the environment, you could easily grab the attention of “tree huggers”.

Frosted Cards

Frosted business cards

A semi-transparent business card with your business details could straight-up look like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie! Imagine yourself getting a card like this from someone. You’d be impressed, right? The unique look and texture of the card would make the client want to observe it again and again

Linen Cards

Linen cards for tech business card ideas

This is another out of the box concept for a business card. Linen cards give a woven finish and even given them a raised texture. Pair them up with an eye-catching design and you’re sure to impress your client.

Strong Cards

Strong business cards

If you want to make a card stronger and non-tearable. You’d have to increase the thickness of it. These cards are perfect if you’re worried about getting your card crumpled in the clients’ clothes pockets. Moreover, the cards would have a weight to them while holding. Either way, these 400 GSM thick cards are sure to make an impression.

Water-resistant Cards

Water resistant cards for tech business card ideas

Wouldn’t want your business card to get wet and soggy, do you? These are yet another non-tearable option which has a resistance to water splashes. 

Mini Business Cards

Mini cards for tech business card ideas

Cut down on paper costs. Go minimalistic. This is a unique offering that stands out by being smaller than standard business cards. 

Square Business Cards

Square business cards

A square is a perfect shape and it is best to showcase your company’s logo on one side and the business details on the other.

Folded Cards

Folded cards for tech business card ideas

Make sure that your business card stands up for itself on your client’s desk. A folded business card on a desk has 2 advantages apart from being unique. One, a lot more information can be included in the business card, and Two, the card stays upright, making it more probable to catch the client’s attention while it’s on a desk. 

No matter what shape or size your card might be, make sure that you’re doing something out of the ordinary to make yours stand out in front of the client. You can do so by coming up with a unique and attractive design, including a feel-good texture, coming up with different shapes of cards, the options are endless.

How’d you like our list of tech business card ideas? Let us know by showing us some love on our pages.

A complete A-Z description of Business Cards here

11 Ways you can market business & sell during Diwali


Diwali – The spectacular festival across our country. Each and every street, building, houses, temples across the countries will be decorated with colorful lights, clay lamps to bring happiness. The day when our whole nation will be glowing with millions of fireworks to bring the lightness and remove the evil and darkness. The day when all people united together and share delicious sweets to share the good spirits.

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India and it is the biggest sale time also. When it comes to marketing you must know the advantages of this festival season when people will try to promote their product everywhere. Starting from the roadside it will go up to shopping malls, restaurants, public transports, theater, wall arts and etc…

During Diwali 2018, the sales have increased double! According to the economic times of India during the festival period, i.e… From the month of May till Diwali 30-45% sales have increased in several consumer industries.

How can you promote your products during this festival time? Let me take you to explain a few of the products which you can use to increase your promotion.


Flyers are always standing as an important & cost-effective tool for marketing. Even though we live in the High-tech digital world, Still flyers are the priceless promotional tool and considered an excellent method to communicate with potential customers. Just by spending some time to think about where your audience is spending their time, you can easily connect with your potential customers.

Check out our flyer templates here –  Flyers and Leaflets Templates


In this current business world, marketing channels such as social media, newsletters, promotional emails, mobile applications are playing a vital role in product and brand promotion. But still poster advertisements are not yet dead and printed posters are still using all over the globe. Unlike other advertisements printed posters are the best way to promote in a cheap and effective way.


When it comes to promoting your business, stickers and labels are extremely helpful tools to promote your brand and product. Since from childhood everyone likes the stickers, we can even give it as a free giveaway with cool designs and if it reaches the customer’s hand then they will be your marketing vehicle for your product. Make your own custom sticker and make an impact in a simple and cost-effective way.

Standees and Displays

Standees and Displays are everywhere for promotion! Starting from the shopping mall we can see these standees and displays in all the places to get people’s attention. The basics of the promotion are all about how the way you are explaining your product. Standees and Displays is the low cost and low maintenance promoting tool to update your product offers. So, you are the expert and explain what you have and what are all the benefits of your products to your audience.

Booklets and Brochures

Perfect designed marketing booklets and brochures are like a collection of complete information used to inform the customers about the service about the product. In the case of small and emerging businesses, these booklets and brochures are used to gain the attention of potential customers. The key is to make the content both informative and effective to get noticed amongst the competition.

Don’t even leave a single chance when you get the opportunity to promote your brand. Use your own branded custom fulfillment products to get attention from the people about your brand. Few of the products you can use,

Packing Tapes 

This is one of the trendy products which is used to highlight the company name and logo and enables ease of your brand visibility and identification. There are millions of e-commerce package is shipping every day with their own custom and unique packaging tapes to stand out from the other competitors. Get your own branded tapes and get the attention of your customers.

Paper and Cotton Bags

Take advantage of using your own company logo printed bags. It is one of the important and simple ways to promote your brand. To commemorate the increase of plastic trash you can make your custom printed paper bags and cotton bags to attract people with your own branded eco-friendly bags.

Hang Tags

Hang tags are a simple and very useful tool for retail purchases. It is most commonly used to mention the product details and also attract attention to the sale. Compare to any other marketing tool these hang tags can promote your products with some specific message and also your customers can feel it physically.


One of the important marketing tools which makes a significant impact in making your customers buying decisions. It provides complete information about the product. Some trendy and eye-catching label printing on your product will gradually increase the product sales rate.

Get your customized promotional tools printing done at Inkmonk. One of the best quality digital and offset printing destination in India at lowest prices. We offer a full-stack merchandising platform, where our customers can obtain all printing and customization related services under one roof.

T-Shirt printing techniques used with Pros and Cons

t-shirt printing techniques

Did you know that the first T-shirts, created in the late 1800s, were intended to be an undergarment, and as apparel for people who had trouble putting on buttons? Cut to 2 centuries later, over 3 billion t-shirts are sold every year. It’s safe to say that a  T-shirt has transcended all intentions, geographies and notions to be one of the world’s most popular choice of clothing. And along with it, came the evolution in T-shirt printing.

A lot of the T-shirt’s rise to mainstream apparel because of being able to print interesting things on them. To a lot of t-shirt buyers, the colour and print on their t-shirts are an extension of their identity. We see this with almost all of our customers. There’s a lot of thought put into their designs, and the attention to detail fascinates us!

What’s more interesting for us is the science of printing on a t-shirt. Printing on t-shirts started almost 60 years ago and today, there is a multitude of ways in which it can be done. The evolution of digital t-shirt printing machines has made t-shirt printing very easy. This article will be an introduction to different types of t-shirt printing, their advantages and disadvantages.


Method 1 – Screen Printing

This method of printing is over a millennia-old but was first used on t-shirts in 1959. The concept is simple – every design has a set number of basic colours used in them. These colours would be separated and based on the design. Different proportions of these colours would be allowed onto the fabric with the use of a mesh-like screen; hence the name.

screen printing

Advantages of Screen Printing

  1. It is inexpensive – Especially at scale, the only significant expense is the ink. The mesh screens are particularly durable and last many print sessions.
  2. It is easily scalable – As a result, it is also simpler to perform this printing technique over large number of orders.
  3. It is versatileScreen printing on t-shirts, is also a preferred technique on any canvas-based surfaces.

Disadvantages of Screen Printing

  1. Alignment issues – Screen printing involves putting various screens on top the fabric in different positions. With more complex designs, alignment issues come up with bulk orders.
  2. Not high in resolution – For high definition prints, screen printing isn’t advised, due to limited resolution.
  3. Colour accuracy issues – Because the colours being separated, mixing is also limited, which doesn’t always ensure the colour in the design is accurately printed.

Example of a t-shirt printing machine for small business is the TECHTONGDA 4 Color 4 Station Silk Screen Printing Machine Press DIY T-Shirt Printer

Method 2 – Direct to Garment Printing

The working of this printing technique is in the name – it prints the design directly on the garment – a lot like an inkjet printer. When this technique was first introduced in 2005, it was marred with performance issues and the company that introduced it first went out of business. However, the technique’s promise of efficiency made sure that enough work was put into it. Soon enough, Direct to Garment printing became one of the most popular methods of printing.

DTG printing

Advantages of DTG Printing

  1. Highly customisable – With this printing method, you can basically print just about anything with tremendous accuracy in colour and design.
  2. Heavy on detail – It’s easy to achieve high levels of design detail, colour accuracy and resolution with this method of printing.

Disadvantages of DTG Printing

  1. Design placement limitations – Because of the nature of the printer, unconventional design placements is a little difficult to achieve with direct to garment printing
  2. Uneconomical with bulk orders – Ink is expensive and costs scale linearly with volume, making it uneconomical than other techniques.

An example of a professional t-shirt printing machine for DTG printing is the EPSON SureColor F2100 Direct-to-Garment Printer

Method 3 – Transfer printing

Remember those temporary tattoos you got free with bubble gum? It basically had a sticker like substance with the tattoo design, which you could apply to your skin. Peel off the sticker and you had the tattoo on your hand. Well, transfer printing works very similarly to this. The concept is the same – transferring a design from one surface to another, permanently.

transfer printing

Advantages of Transfer Printing

  1. Easy to execute – Sticking a piece of paper to a piece of fabric, applying some heat and removing the paper requires lesser skill than other printing methods.
  2. Better designs – It’s easier to make some designs on paper than on fabric, and this printing technique accommodates more complex designs for t-shirts.
  3. Economical – It’s cheaper to store designs on paper, rather than on fabric. This printing technique allows printers to order fabric as demand arises while having large numbers of printable designs ready at any time.

Disadvantages of Transfer Printing

  1. Fabric limitation – You can’t print on all kinds of fabric with this method. This becomes a problem, especially with wool etc.
  2. Slower process – This type of printing takes some time as it’s largely manual, hence it’s not the best option when speed is of the essence.

Few types of transfer t-shirt printing machines are Monti Mod Series machines

Method 4 – CAD Cut Vinyl

The famed number 7 on the jerseys of Cristiano Ronaldo and MS Dhoni comes from another transfer printing method, called CAD Cut Vinyl, which is put onto the fabric with a heat press. You use computer-aided design, or CAD to precision cut the Vinyl and use a heat press to print this Vinyl onto a fabric. It’s that simple and is very widely used in sportswear which requires printing of a name, logo or a number. This printing technique can also be used on nylon too.

cad cut vinyl printing

Advantages of CAD Cut Vinyl Printing

  1. More placement options – Want to print on the arm sleeve or at the back of t-shirts? You name it, you can do it with CAD Cut Vinyl printing.
  2. Minimal Setup Cost – The setup cost is very less compared to other printing techniques.

Disadvantages of CAD Cut Vinyl Printing

  1. Not scalable – If you’re printing more than 20 pieces, this type of printing is usually not recommended.
  2. Size restrictions – With large designs, this type of printing can add weight to the apparel, which isn’t always a good thing.

Method 5 – Embroidery

This is a printing technique where there isn’t any actual printing done in the conventional sense. In the embroidery technique, a sewing machine sews the design into the fabric. Almost every polo t-shirt uses this method to print designs. We can see embroidery popularly on corporate workwear. You can see many polo shirts with logo embroidered on them. The Printing industry has been using this technique since the 5th century BC.

embroidery printing

Advantages of Embroidery Printing

  1. Looks – Nothing looks as great as a design embroidered onto a cloth. It’s professional and looks very elegant.
  2. Long-lasting – The design is a part of the clothing fabric, so there’s no risk of it coming off. It will last as long as the t-shirt.

Disadvantages of Embroidery Printing

  1. High skill required– Embroidery isn’t easy. It takes years to practice and you need to invest in a lot of skill labour costs if you want to do this at scale.
  2. Design limitations – Even with the most skilled embroiderers, minute designs, especially text becomes very difficult to print.


advantages and disadvantages of printing

The world of printing mainly uses these 5 techniques. Know of more? Tell us in the comments section!


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