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Year-end gifts for employees – 11 ideas that will work

employee gifts

Yayee! Christmas and New Year are here.

With that comes the gifting part. While every worker likes a monetary gift, business proprietors say creative gifts earn more bang for that buck. Planning or deciding what to give and what the budget is for year-end gifts is not always easy.  Here are some hints on how to keep staff or client gifts creative and cheap.

The team tees!

Custom printed T-shirts are on the trend. If you have an amazing team and can think of a catchy tagline for the same then custom printed T-shirt is the best option. They can boost your team spirit greatly even under a small budget. 


Desk calendar for the perfect plan


Many of us have gone digital when it comes to schedules and time management, physical calendars will always be a useful tool in any office. An at-a-glance, full-year desk calendar has ample space for notes to help your employees plan their work and stay on top of the most important events. You can add a little customization to it.


Go with the trend – Laptop Bags

We understand that you have paid a good price for your Mac-book or laptop and the last thing you need is it being scratched while you are on the move. The ultimate savior in this situation is a laptop bag. The days of those bulky laptop bags have long gone by. It’s now the era stylish customized laptop bags.

Stay hydrated with Sipper bottles

Gifts that are useful always find a place in receiver’s memory. A 750 ml sipper bottle can be useful and handy at all times. Be it a workout session in the gym/ a trekking camp/ a busy day at the office these can serve their purpose.



Rain, rain, go away!

Unexpected weather can happen anytime, anywhere, and there’s nothing like lack of preparedness to put a damper on dampness/ the scorching and burning sun. Umbrellas are always fun and a useful tool. With a little customization, they can be great.

The ‘Coffee’ mug

Many coffee drinkers will tell you that the first cup of coffee in the morning can set the tone for the entire day. A customized coffee mug will help your employees get their day started on the right foot.


Power banks – let your phone live long!

Functional gifts are loved by users even though they are promotional. In these days everyone depends on technology and promotional power banks can be the product your employees and customer take everywhere with them. Moreover, improving your brand visibility with promotional items can be a good strategy in order to make your business more successful.

Customized pens and notebooks

All of the promotional items we design have the opportunity to become a staple in a consumer’s life. Promotional pens offer the potential to take on a very visible role in the daily use and they are handy. If your business is all about creativity and new ideas these notebooks and pens are must-haves.


Have you ever reached out to your bag to find that key and ended up with everything other than that?

This happens to all of us. A keychain with Game of Thrones sigil or the despicable minions or the Bat symbol is catchy and useful at the same time. Customize you keychains as you wish.

Sticky! Sticky! Stickers


If you’re like many small creative business owners, you probably feel that marketing and everything that the term involves is just about as far from being ‘creative’ as it gets. These small and attractive magnets and stickers are the best go if you are planning on bulk gifting. They come in different sizes and can be customized as you wish.

Sheet stickers

Over the past few years, custom stickers have started becoming more and more popular. The reason being that they reflect the company’s culture and spread a vibe. They come in different sizes and rates.

Visit Inkmonk to get your custom prints at a reasonable fare.

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

How Capital First saved 12% on their print needs through Inkmonk ?

Capital First, a highly reputed & leading financial institution in India had certain issues in getting their printing needs done.

The major facets of the crisis were:

  1. Too little contacts in the print industry
  2. Poor quality print products
  3. Lack of accountability
  4. Delay in delivery

How we stepped in!

When they heard about Inkmonk, they were rather dubious about our abilities.

  • When Capital first was spending on printing products, they had to find different vendors to solve this problem. When they first reached Inkmonk with a requirement, Inkmonk was able to render the right solution to handle their print needs. The major challenge is to get them delivered to 75 different locations across India.
  • The cost quoted by Inkmonk was almost 10% lesser than the usual price that they were spending. Still, there was a hesitation from Capital First’s end since the order was huge.
  • The order was printing multiple collateral items and Inkmonk managed to complete the printing order in less than the time we promised. We shipped it all across the various destinations they had specified.
  • Also, other manufacturers were having problems with providing proper solutions for shipping products across multi locations, worked in our favour.  Inkmonk on the other hand, has hands-on experience in handling multi-city delivery simultaneously.


Some of the products that we delivered to Capital First

Inkmonk to the rescue!

Over the past 4 months, we managed to cater to their print needs with our esteemed & valuable print network, and hence serving them a requirement worth an astounding Rs.1 Crore.

So how was this possible?

  • With more than 700+ print manufacturers across India on board, we made sure that we knew just the right manufacturers who can handle large orders efficiently.
  • We split the order among multiple vendors, at the same time, so as to complete the production on time.
  • As we have proper and good tie-ups with all leading logistic vendors, shipping to multiple locations at the same time has never been a problem.
  • Inkmonk has always exercised a very transparent process which helps our customers to understand the complete process and cooperate accordingly.

What did they have to say?

“We almost never had an issue. Even when there was one, it was Inkmonk who came to the rescue and got us covered. From our finance team, we heard that ever since our association with Inkmonk, we had saved a significant 12% on our overall printing expenditure”

What more could one ask for from their work than this satisfaction !

Why should you switch to using non-woven bags ?

Why should you switch to using non-woven bags immediately?

Before getting into the versus match, one needs to understand the dynamics of non-woven bags and only then, judge. Purely for aesthetic purposes of course.


What are non-woven bags?

Non-woven bags are usually made out of any biodegradable material. The long and short fibres of an eco-friendly material are pressed together and made into a bag and this, in turn makes the bag convenient to print on, eco-friendly and appealing to the eye. These non-woven bags however, are prone to getting stained easily and are viable to get soaked faster than other bags and hence, are not greatly water-proof. Thus, non-woven bags are not your best pick when you have carry fluids or important documents.


Any equivalent alternative?

Other bags on the other hand, are made out of plastic or paper, both of which are non-biodegradable and toxic in more ways than one. However, they are highly waterproof and can withstand much longer and more than the non-woven bags. Furthermore, other bags are considerably cheaper compared to non-woven bags and are durable. But all this at the cost of deteriorating the environment? Definitely not!


What happens post their use?

Although non-woven bags are rapidly replacing other bags, some of us are still negligent and still would pay that extra money to get these non-biodegradable bags. It is utterly important that one takes into serious consideration, the depleting state of the environment that is staked each time we try to carry out our daily responsibilities. This is reflected in the way global warming is alarmingly increasing day after excruciating day. The more non-biodegradable waste is dumped, the worse the condition is turning out to be. This ultimately will dampen the longer run.


Why are they the best?

One may wonder why all this fuss about just a tiny bag; it is not just about a tiny bag. It is a matter of responsibility towards our livelihood- our very ecosystem. Enough and more damage has already been caused and that is exactly why we need to contribute in every single way possible.


How is it justified?

As if this is not already enough, recent studies have concluded that food or beverages stored in other packaging such as plastic or paper, cause a variety of health hazards. Why so much for a mere other bag? Is it because our generation on the whole, has become more convenience-oriented thus leaving less or no space for real issues that could be eradicated if only we are willing to go that extra mile? The answer lies within each of you reading this.


Making a choice

So, what starts out with just a choice of non-woven bags over other bags today could yield greater results through greater choices tomorrow. Start choosing right, right away!  


Where to get the best non-woven bags?

Visit for custom-made non-woven bags from the best sellers in the country.

Winning NASSCOM’s confidence – The result of meticulous planning & flawless execution

An event manager shoulders a lot of responsibility when it comes to planning and executing the event. It is of key importance to identify the target audience, devise the event concept and coordinate the technical aspects before launching the event. One of his/her biggest responsibility is procuring print merchandise. It gets more serious when the events happen simultaneously across seven locations. Inkmonk aided one such customer, NASSCOM, in one of their biggest events.

About the company:

NASSCOM or National Association of Software and Services Companies is a premier Indian trade organization for Information Technology and Business processing and outsourcing. It is a non-profit organization, which facilitates in business and trade in software and services. NASSCOM is constantly organizing events, each dedicated to a section of the business world. Some of them include Big Data, HR and start-ups. So, when they conducted the NASSCOM 10000 Startups, an event in which, around 10,000 start-ups participated from various parts of the country, they were stumped.


Problem Scenario

An organization as big as this, cannot afford to make mistakes in their merchandise. Event merchandising can be a herculean task, particularly if the events are sprawled across 7 different locations of the country – Chennai, Kochi, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkatta and Mumbai. With a time crunch of only 10 days, the organizers wanted around 7 products like pen, notebooks, stickers, polo and round-neck t-shirts and paper bags in batches of 1500, and also get them shipped to the locations on time.

Inkmonk to the rescue

Inkmonk, being a print marketplace, already had in their sleeves 200+ sellers and vendors across the country. We specialize in the unique business of printing for corporates and also event merchandising – Be it T-shirts, caps, pens, coasters, mugs, bags, sipper bottles etc. We cater to event products like standees and posters as well. Inkmonk has successfully bridged the gap between customers and vendors in the printing business.

The Solution:

The order of this sort can be taken properly by having the right mix of sellers across different destinations.

Vendor management: The perfect mix of vendors and sellers were chosen specifically for this order. Having been in business for more than two years, Inkmonk was more than familiar with the best sellers in the market. Two varieties of T-shirts – Polo and round necked, were sent to different sellers, having in mind the cost and quality constraints. Sellers in Tirupur were handed the orders of T-shirts, as it was the hub for t-shirt production. More care was taken to print t-shirts as they were to be given to start-ups and investors. Pens and coaster printing were delegated and sent across the sellers close to the event locations so that shipping is easy. Notebooks were printed in Chennai. Paper bags were printed in the event locations as the shipping cost was more and Inkmonk worked on bringing down the cost for the customers.

Tshirts printed for NASSCOM’S 10,000 startups event

Production: Designs were discussed and samples had to be printed before printing the entire bulk. One of each product was printed and the samples were sent to for approval. Once approval was sought, production began. When production was done, all the products were quality checked for damages, packed to perfection to avoid damages during shipment.

Shipping and Delivery: Inkmonk had to work on the shipment and delivery strategy as there was a time constraint. Two days out of the ten, was earmarked for shipping and delivery. Modes of shipment were chosen to avoid delay in delivery. Air shipment was rejected as it would cost more and we wanted to bring down the cost of shipment. Shipping partners were chosen according to the popularity in the event location cities and with cost constraints in mind. DTDC was chosen for locations in North India and Bluedart for locations in South India.

As promised, Inkmonk delivered all the products, with perfect quality, across the locations on the said date, making it one of their thrilling sales/business stories.  Since this event, Inkmonk has been providing merchandise for almost all NASSCOM’s events.

Some more photos of the merchandise that we delivered!

Tshirts,stickers & paper bags printed for NASSCOM’S 10,000 startups event


Visit for your event & promotional merchandise!

Why your brand building should be part of your business stationery?

Business stationery


Any businessman, young or experienced, will tell you their sorrows of the excess amounts of paperwork they have to deal with – their own and others. Most CEOs will tell you that the majority of their business lives involves going through thousands of pages of papers for internal auditing and external marketing. Some even complain that it takes away a lot of their time for the core of a business.

But put a marketing mind to it and what you see is impressions and reach. Think of the number of people you do business with see paperwork from you. The number of envelopes you use to send people communication. The number of visiting cards you give out. What about invoices and other forms that you and others have to fill out and sign?

Without ever calling it marketing, you will be reaching out to hundreds, if not thousands of potential users and customers as a part of your business operation. So if you’re neglecting business stationery as a marketing channel/carrier, you’re missing out big time. With a little more investment over what you already need as business stationery, you can set up great brand recognition and recall, without ever having to break the bank.

Here are 3 business stationery essentials you can print on Inkmonk –


We’ve said this in many a blog, but letterheads are an absolute essential. It gives your business a professional look and if you invest a little bit in design, you can integrate your brand’s identity in the letter head. It could be a play on your company’s logo too. Whichever business you are in, you can put all your paper based communication on branded letterheads.

Print your letterheads here.


Where there are letterheads, envelopes can’t be far behind. Whatever design thinking goes on an envelope, can also go on letterheads. Think about how you can integrate your brand identity on your envelope. As your design language becomes seamless across all your marketing fronts, your envelopes will stand out among a bunch of already existing envelopes. And for what it’s worth you have 2 sides to play with!


Print your envelopes here

Business cards

This is probably the be all and end all of all business stationery. Your calling card, your identity after your meeting – the business card etiquette is deeply imbibed in business tradition that you cannot start a business without it. And when you’ve made sure your brand is one your letterheads and envelopes, a well designed business card would have already created a significant impact on potential clients.

Print your visiting cards here.

Have a business stationery item we don’t cover? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll make it happen!