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Promote your business before Valentine’s day: A Guide

Valentine's day for businesses


The holiday of love- Valentine’s day, is approaching quickly. It is on this day when people showcase their love the most. In fact, it is on this very day when people all over the world spend a lot on buying gifts for their loved ones. Like any other holiday, businesses gear up an extra bit to attract customers by promoting products or services. Here’s how you can promote your business before Valentine’s day.

We’ve stepped into another buzzing month which is perfect to promote your business and its products. Is there any better way than starting promotions 2 weeks ahead of Valentine’s day?

Why should you promote your business before Valentine’s day, you ask? Here are little numbers to put things into perspective:

  • The average annual Valentine’s Day spending is 13.19 billion dollars.
  • The amount that the average consumer spends on Valentine’s Day is 116.21 dollars
  • 61.8 % of consumers celebrate Valentine’s Day

Source: Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, Valentine’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey

So, it’s only smart for businesses to capitalize during this month. We’ve come up with ideas to do just that.

Here are some useful products to kickstart and help you promote your business before Valentine’s day:


Old-School Flyers and Posters

Your business can benefit from valentine’s day surely if you start promoting your business for the same at the perfect time. Heading into valentine’s season, the end of January – the beginning of February is perfect to start advertising your products and services. Handing out Flyers and placing Posters at crowded areas is pretty old school. But they will make a massive impact in bringing in customers.

Framed Posters are a premium way to display your brand’s passion towards Valentine’s day and can catch the interests of people.

Here are a few cool poster and flyer designs for valentine’s day:

flyers and posters


Cute Valentine’s Stickers and Labels

Here’s a neat idea! Think about giving out cute love-themed Stickers when a customer makes a purchase from your shop. Or, including them in delivery packages. People will use these stickers if they look premium, and it will further remind them of your brand heading into valentine’s day. You can take an extra step by including information about your valentine’s day offers on the sticker.

You could do the same with Labels as well. You can even stick them on shopping bags or delivery bags whenever a customer makes a purchase.

Here are a few cute stickers which you could use heading into Valentine’s day:

valentine's day stickers


Go Aggressive with Banners

Want to catch the eye of a large audience? Then promote your business for valentine’s day offers with large Banners! Add your quirky message on them to attract people into your store. They can be the offer which you may run till Valentine’s day, a smart or funny quote, or quality products showcased.

Here’s a banner which is going to make your audience go crazy! 😛valentine's day banner

Attract customers with Store-front Decals

Many people do window shopping more than actual shopping. So, it’s smart if your windows encourage them to come inside and make a purchase, right?

The best way to liven up your windows is with Decals customized to match the love that is in the air this season. Decorate your store windows and doors with beautiful designs of hearts and kisses. Or you can double it up by showcasing valentine’s day offers and combos as well. Think of your products decorated and arranged behind the window, and the window design itself to decorate them.

Here’s an example of it:

valentine's day decal



This is just the tip of the iceberg. Promoting your business using these products will induce only the least amount of investments. There are many more ideas where those came from. More modifications of these, more products and online marketing can help in promoting your business to a huge extent.

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So what are you waiting for? It’s time to spice up your business for valentine’s day!


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