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Tech business card ideas to help you stand out

9 ways you can impress a client with your business card

You’d be thinking after reading the title, why do we need tech business card ideas anymore going unto 2020? More and more businesses are going online. It started with the use of Email as a mode of virtual communication and became hassle-free with the introduction of social media. How often do interviews and business meetings happen over a Skype call? Or the handing over of product e-catalogs via email to clients? Businesses take place flawlessly when the parties haven’t even met each other face to face.

All of these are true. There’s no doubt about it. But, there are still a whole lot of businesses and marketing activities that happen offline, and the use of a simple business card is still popular.

As long as there are parties, events, and meetings, business cards will never be dead. So this article includes all the essentials of having unique tech business card ideas that could let you overtake your competition.

How can you make an out-of-the-box business card?

Just like every other aspect in all businesses, you need to have an edge over the competition and stand out from the crowd. Think about it. A client of yours could meet up with other companies besides yours. You’d lose the client if any of them seems to make a better impression. 

Take a look at our comprehensive list of attractive and out of the ordinary business cards, which could certainly catch the attention of clients.

Velvet Cards

Velvet cards for tech business card ideas

An attractive texture to stand out from typical business cards. Velvet is always soft to the touch. Some wedding cards also use this material and gain extra attention from the guests. A velvet finish on business cards is sure to gain positive attention from clients as well.

Business Cards made out of Kraft paper

Kraft cards for tech business card ideas

It’s very impressive if you could use eco-friendly kraft paper to manufacture business cards. They have a unique texture as well, and with there being a threat to the environment, you could easily grab the attention of “tree huggers”.

Frosted Cards

Frosted business cards

A semi-transparent business card with your business details could straight-up look like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie! Imagine yourself getting a card like this from someone. You’d be impressed, right? The unique look and texture of the card would make the client want to observe it again and again

Linen Cards

Linen cards for tech business card ideas

This is another out of the box concept for a business card. Linen cards give a woven finish and even given them a raised texture. Pair them up with an eye-catching design and you’re sure to impress your client.

Strong Cards

Strong business cards

If you want to make a card stronger and non-tearable. You’d have to increase the thickness of it. These cards are perfect if you’re worried about getting your card crumpled in the clients’ clothes pockets. Moreover, the cards would have a weight to them while holding. Either way, these 400 GSM thick cards are sure to make an impression.

Water-resistant Cards

Water resistant cards for tech business card ideas

Wouldn’t want your business card to get wet and soggy, do you? These are yet another non-tearable option which has a resistance to water splashes. 

Mini Business Cards

Mini cards for tech business card ideas

Cut down on paper costs. Go minimalistic. This is a unique offering that stands out by being smaller than standard business cards. 

Square Business Cards

Square business cards

A square is a perfect shape and it is best to showcase your company’s logo on one side and the business details on the other.

Folded Cards

Folded cards for tech business card ideas

Make sure that your business card stands up for itself on your client’s desk. A folded business card on a desk has 2 advantages apart from being unique. One, a lot more information can be included in the business card, and Two, the card stays upright, making it more probable to catch the client’s attention while it’s on a desk. 

No matter what shape or size your card might be, make sure that you’re doing something out of the ordinary to make yours stand out in front of the client. You can do so by coming up with a unique and attractive design, including a feel-good texture, coming up with different shapes of cards, the options are endless.

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