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What are the issues you will face while printing online?

Online printing services has a number of advantages over traditional or local printing stores. Designing tool, professional customer service, fixed pricing, template browsing, cheaper than local printers and easy return are few examples. However there a few issues customers might face, that makes them go back to their local printing store.

Here are the disadvantages of online printing, which will help you understand if online sites will suit your business & need:

You will have a lot of doubts

When you print from your local store, or any brick and mortar store, you can touch and feel the the paper type, finishing etc. Whereas in an online site you may not have clear ideas on the above mentioned features when you order for the first time.

Limited options to choose from

Online website source materials based on the demand, so you might feel they have limited number of options in product size, paper type, finishing being offered by an online printing website.

You’ll have to pick from limited designs options

The user designs the product on his own on online websites. So they tend have limited design options to make the designing process a lot easier for you.

You will have to wait for the product a little longer

The design & production process goes through several rounds of approval. So the online printing sites have nearly 4-8 days of delivery time. If you have shorter deadlines for production then online printing may not be the right option .

You may not have personal assistance

Though some websites offer customer support & assistance, it might not be as helpful as an in-person discussion with store representative. If you have some complex design product or huge volumes, traditional printing store will be the best suited for your need.

Most of the websites that delivers online printing services are working to overcome the above mentioned issues and enhance the customer experience. We have info-graphics added to every product specification to help you gain clarity. We also provide free design assistance for all the products purchased from our site. Some websites have ”same day delivery” in their own cities, which cuts down the waiting time. Few of us have also introduced a concept of “Quotations” for higher order values. We provide end-to-end support service fro such bulk orders. All the online printing websites are constantly working hard to overcome any issue being faced by the customers.