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Year-end gifts for employees – 11 ideas that will work

employee gifts

Yay! Christmas and New Year are here.

With that comes the gifting part. While every worker likes a monetary gift, business proprietors say creative gifts earn more bang for that buck. Planning or deciding what to give and what the budget is for year-end gifts is not always easy.  Here are some hints on how to keep staff or client gifts creative and cheap.

The team tees!

Custom printed T-shirts are on the trend. If you have an amazing team and can think of a catchy tagline for the same then custom printed T-shirt is the best option. They can boost your team spirit greatly even under a small budget. 


Desk calendar for the perfect plan


Many of us have gone digital when it comes to schedules and time management, physical calendars will always be a useful tool in any office. An at-a-glance, full-year desk calendar has ample space for notes to help your employees plan their work and stay on top of the most important events. You can add a little customization to it.


Go with the trend – Laptop Bags

We understand that you have paid a good price for your Mac-book or laptop and the last thing you need is it being scratched while you are on the move. The ultimate savior in this situation is a laptop bag. The days of those bulky laptop bags have long gone by. It’s now the era stylish customized laptop bags.

Stay hydrated with Sipper bottles

Gifts that are useful always find a place in the receiver’s memory. A 750 ml sipper bottle can be useful and handy at all times. Be it a workout session in the gym/ a trekking camp/ a busy day at the office these can serve their purpose.



Rain, rain, go away!

Unexpected weather can happen anytime, anywhere, and there’s nothing like lack of preparedness to put a damper on dampness/ the scorching and burning sun. Umbrellas are always fun and useful tool. With a little customization, they can be great.

The ‘Coffee’ mug

Many coffee drinkers will tell you that the first cup of coffee in the morning can set the tone for the entire day. A customized coffee mug will help your employees get their day started on the right foot.


Power banks – let your phone live long!

Functional gifts are loved by users even though they are promotional. These days everyone depends on technology and promotional power banks can be the product your employees and customer take everywhere with them. Moreover, improving your brand visibility with promotional items can be a good strategy in order to make your business more successful.

Customized pens and notebooks

All of the promotional items we design have the opportunity to become a staple in a consumer’s life. Promotional pens offer the potential to take on a very visible role in daily use and they are handy. If your business is all about creativity and new ideas these notebooks and pens are must-haves.


Have you ever reached out to your bag to find that key and ended up with everything other than that?

This happens to all of us. A keychain with Game of Thrones sigil or the despicable minions or the Bat symbol is catchy and useful at the same time. Customize your keychains as you wish.

Sticky! Sticky! Stickers


If you’re like many small creative business owners, you probably feel that marketing and everything that the term involves is just about as far from being ‘creative’ as it gets. These small and attractive magnets and stickers are the best go if you are planning on bulk gifting. They come in different sizes and can be customized as you wish.

Sheet stickers

Over the past few years, custom stickers have started becoming more and more popular. The reason is that they reflect the company’s culture and spread a vibe. They come in different sizes and rates.

Visit Inkmonk to get your custom prints at a reasonable fare.

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!