Your logo and design on casual tees or office t-shirts. The perfect, proven, cost effective and essential way to get your name and brand out there.

Ever been in that situation where you show up to an event accidentally wearing the same thing as your friend? When you order a custom t-shirt from Inkmonk, you don't have to worry about your peers sporting the same apparel as you. Any shirt that you design is a one-of-a-kind creation that others won't have (unless you're order a batch of shirts for an entire group)!

Here at Inkmonk, we specialize in making sure that doesn't happen. We specialize in allowing you to create your own design! Simply upload artwork and select the colors your design requires.

T-Shirt Ordering Guides

We've written a collection of guides to help with your custom t-shirt order. We'd like to share our knowledge on t-shirts, printing methods, and graphic design with you so you can make the most informed decision on your t-shirt order

Keep T-Shirt Price Low

At Inkmonk we pride ourselves on our Seller’s low prices for custom shirts. But there are still some additional ways for you to keep your prices as low as possible. Read More

Types of Printing

People throw around a lot of lingo when discussing custom t-shirt printing. This article describes what the differences are and how we decide which one to use. Read More

Using the Inkmonk Designer

It's easy to make custom t-shirts in the Inkmonk Designer as long as you know how to use it. The Designer has three windows. The window on the center side shows you a preview of your product. The window on the right-hand side has Design functions you can perform on your shirt. The window on the left-hand side has material spec and printing type you can perform on your shirt. Read More

Counting Colors for Screen Print

Customers blanch when asked to count the number of colors in their design. Even if designing your custom t-shirts was easy, counting the colors in your design is hard if you don't know what counts as a color. Here's what you need to know Read More

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